The rise of the Biz Dev and gaining speed as well autonomy

Mohammed Brückner
2 min readApr 24, 2022
reaching for the stars with power automate — credit: Mo, yes this is my doing

There are various tools and services in particular in the Power Platform offering of Microsoft that support the notion of getting less dependent on IT functions in your organization and gain speed with your innovative, creative endeavors. Often enough business experts (and maybe process owners) have a technical acumen due to their daily work, even though developing applications is not their profession. These SMEs may become Citizen Developers or “Biz Devs” as I rather call them, being part of what Gartner would call high-performing Fusion Teams. That’s what for example H&M established.

Automate and optimize tiresome daily tasks using Process Advisor, PowerAutomate and PowerAutomate Desktop. Process Advisor helps with Data and Task Mining and will support your analysis of where and how inefficiencies creep into your daily work. Allow you as a subject matter expert to focus on what matters. Taken even further with AI Builder which is part of Power Automate and can help you to deal with documents like order confirmations, automatically.

Build custom apps for specific domain use with Power Apps — those could be proof of concepts or quick concepts, maybe only showcases or productive apps, working both in-browser and on every mobile natively

PowerBI allows you to visualize and analyze your data assets in an easy to use, appealing way; allowing to slice and dice the data and create your custom views, share and export them as required — all in all, PowerBI is a leader in the Analytics & BI platforms space

All of these tools allow to build your own library of curated, shared solutions — for less dependency on IT support to Business and still maintaining every governance and security obligation by making sure those curated solutions are sanitized and hardened

In fact, there is plenty of excellent material for your free use available already, examples as follow — not exhaustive!

NB: Power Automate is a leader in the Digital Process Automation space, Power Automate Desktop in the RPA space

Last but not least, here’s my YouTube play list for Power Addicts. Fantastic tutorials for any occasion.